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hololens pornstars

HoloLens Pornstar Body Scans

Adult company ‘SugarDVD’ sees the HoloLens as offering more interactive porn potential than vr devices such as the Oculus Rift.  Amongst other ideas the company this week was the future posibility of download 3d body scans of pornstars or even celebrities and then seeing them appear as holograms through the HoloLens.

Oculus’s technology doesn’t seem to be at the place we want it to right now for fully customized content. With augmented reality, there seems to be more possibilities for interactivity. Rather than just witnessing a 360-degree peripheral of adult content, we want users to be able to interact with their surroundings.

Instead of Kim Kardashian’s photos ‘breaking the Internet,’ it could be her body scan, for downloadable use in augmented reality.

Microsoft Announces Windows HoloLens Porn

Holo Porn is almost certainly to be a reality within the next couple of years after the announcement by Microsoft that Windows 10 will feature ‘holographic’ capability through the use of a special headset called the ‘HoloLens’.

The HoloLens appears almost to be halfway between Google Glasses and the Oculus Rift. Not quite Virtual Reality, and something more than Augmented Reality, the HoloLens allows users to project 3D holograms into their surrounding space, with the real world still visible through the glasses.

The HoloLens would allow holographic pornstars to appear in your living space. You could walk around them, or they could appear to walk around you. You could even chat to real girls through the HoloLens as though they were right in front of you in three dimensions. HoloLens Porn is coming very soon indeed!

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