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Google Working On HoloLens Style Tetherless & Smartphone Free VR Device

VR headsets come in two different forms. Either they are powered by a smartphone with which you insert into the vr headset (such as the Gear VR) or they are tethered to a powerful PC (such as the forthcoming Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) or games console (the PlaystationVR). Apparently Google is at work on an advanced virtual reality headset that is mobile yet does not require a smartphone inside. Sources suggest it may also be capable of both virtual reality and augmented/mixed reality, thus a kind of combination of the HoloLens and Oculus Rift.

Sources include :

Karla Kush in VR Porn

Beautiful pornstar Karla Kush stars in her first virtual reality porn movie. She seems so real as she teases you wearing a tight red latex outfit, before unzipping to reveal her perfect porn body in all its immersive 3D stereoscopic glory. Your cock will already be hard before she demands to suck and ride it! Lets hope Karla still has that amazing body when she films her first holo porn movie for the HoloLens next year (fingers crossed!).




HoloFilms to Reveal World’s First Holographic Porn

The adult industry has been abuzz with excitement this week after it was revealed that a new holographic video production company plans to reveal the world’s first holo porn.

Along with the Synthologram scene, HoloFilm Productions on Thursday will be showing off the world’s first Hologram porn materials featuring Lily Labeau and Brent Ray Fraser.

“Hologram and Synthologram porn are the holy grails of adult content,” said Brian Shuster, CEO of HoloFilms. “It’s what porn fans have dreamt about for years, and it’s what’s going to get the money back into the business.

“This has to be seen to be believed! Not only is this porn better than anything that’s ever been created before, but it currently can not be pirated. We intend to keep it that way.”

More informtion about the company’s plans can be found at their website :

The specifics of the technology that HoloFilm Poroductions plan to use are a little vague, but as well as virtual reality headset porn, the company appears to be utilizing a different technology that features a ‘dome’ in which the viewer can move around and see the performers from every angle. The final aim of the company is to allow ‘interactive holographic sex’.

You watch a video showcasing the plans of HoloFilm Producations at Vimeo :

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