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HoloLens Pornstar Body Scans

Adult company ‘SugarDVD’ sees the HoloLens as offering more interactive porn potential than vr devices such as the Oculus Rift.  Amongst other ideas the company this week was the future posibility of download 3d body scans of pornstars or even celebrities and then seeing them appear as holograms through the HoloLens.

Oculus’s technology doesn’t seem to be at the place we want it to right now for fully customized content. With augmented reality, there seems to be more possibilities for interactivity. Rather than just witnessing a 360-degree peripheral of adult content, we want users to be able to interact with their surroundings.

Instead of Kim Kardashian’s photos ‘breaking the Internet,’ it could be her body scan, for downloadable use in augmented reality.

Virtual Reality Porn

There are as yet no holo porn movies as the HoloLens has not been released even as a developer kit. However, various virtual reality headsets have already appeared on the market, including the Oculus Rift developer version. Thus already there are a couple of sites offering virtual reality porn movies to play on the headsets. VirtualRealPorn is the best of them, with over a dozen movies in their archives and new content being produced regularly, all featuring 180 degree head tracking support to create a real virtual sex environment.


Will these movies play on the HoloLens when it is released?  I can’t say for sure, but as the HoloLens is expected to have the ability to create totally immersive virtual reality environments (although not as well as VR headsets such as the Oculus) then probably yes.  However, the HoloLens is quite different to pure VR, in that it meshes the virtual world with your real world environment (i.e. more like ‘augmented reality’) through the projection of 3D holograms.  HoloLens porn will be better described as virtual holographic porn (or virtual holo porn).  With the holographic porn that is likely to be made for the HoloLens, you will be able to see naked girls sitting on your actual bed (or lap…and cock!), and you will be able to walk around them and interact with them in a way that is not possible or much more difficult in a virtual reality environment.

Microsoft Announces Windows HoloLens Porn

Holo Porn is almost certainly to be a reality within the next couple of years after the announcement by Microsoft that Windows 10 will feature ‘holographic’ capability through the use of a special headset called the ‘HoloLens’.

The HoloLens appears almost to be halfway between Google Glasses and the Oculus Rift. Not quite Virtual Reality, and something more than Augmented Reality, the HoloLens allows users to project 3D holograms into their surrounding space, with the real world still visible through the glasses.

The HoloLens would allow holographic pornstars to appear in your living space. You could walk around them, or they could appear to walk around you. You could even chat to real girls through the HoloLens as though they were right in front of you in three dimensions. HoloLens Porn is coming very soon indeed!

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High-Definition Holograms Projected by your Smartphone in 2016

A chip that enables high-definition 3D holographic projection and that is small enough to fit into a smartphone, while costing a similar price to standard chips uses in phones, will go into production in less than two years according to a number of news reports this week.

Ostendo, a company financed by Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel, as well as the American military, claim a breakthrough has enabled holographic porn to become a reality by 2016.

They claim that the holograms will be of the same real 3D kind seen in the movie Star Wars, only at a higher definition. The chips can also be used for holographic tablets and even holographic tvs.

First Holographic 3D Porn Monitor Unveiled

The world’s first holographic 3D monitor has been unveiled by tech group Holografika this month (September 2012). Although the first versions of the monitor, which gives 180 degree 3D viewing angles and a ‘pseudo’ holographic effect, are intended only for medical and business applications, it is widely assumed that men will be jerking off to holo porn when the monitors are commercialised for home use within the next couple of years.  Bring it on!!

First Holo Porn Camera Goes on Sale

It’s now possible to shoot your own holo porn movies.  The revolutionary ‘Lytro Light Field 3D Camera’ has gone on sale.  This camera is quite unlike conventional cameras that record individual points of light as pixels.  This new type of ‘light field’ camera records all the rays of light reflected off of the objects in the scene recorded.  According to the makers, enough information is recorded for you be able to play back the video (or photo) as a 3 dimensional hologram.  Of course, we have to wait until holo displays are invented first, but it does mean that the world’s very first holo porn movie might be being recorded in somebody’s home as we speak!

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Holo Porn Coming Soon to the iPhone?

Holo Porn may indeed be coming to a future version of the iPhone – perhaps even the iPhone 5. Apple have succeeded in winning a patent for a technology that would allow for a 3D interactive screen on a future iPhone – effectively producing a psuedo-holographic image that appears three dimensional as it moves relative to the position of the viewer’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Michael Bove, head of holography at the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reckons that we will have inexpensive desktop holographic displays ‘within 5-7 years’!

iPhone 5 Holo Porn?

Will the iPhone 5, likely released early next year, be able to play holo porn?  Let’s hope so.  According to this speculative YouTube video displaying what the iPhone 5 will look like, we could be watching 3D holo sex on our phones in just a few short months time.  Steve Jobs (RIP) died too soon!  Personally, I think we’re still a couple of years away from being able to jerk off to mobile holo porn, but pre-order your iPhone 6 now!